Life is like a marathon. Otto Blücker is back!

Otto Blücker – Marathon

Sometimes life can feel like a big race. Taking multiple directions and making you question a lot of things. Sometimes it's just a sprint. A marathon.

The location for this art work is found in the south suburb of Stockholm in Sweden. Located in between Årsta, Årstafältet and Östberga. An abended road that is almost deserted and made it possible for us to experiment with our ideas and props. Like a dog. A toddler. Grocery debris. This with the calm work flow of no cars coming our way.

The color space and feeling is something we are very proud over and the result goes hand in hand with our concept and basic idea.

Packaging and delivery

Full delivering of social media package in form of pre and out-Instagram and Facebook images.

A full resolution cover art file ready for the high resolution platforms and retina ready. iTunes, Spotify, Deezer and more.

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