‘Rise Again’ Campaign


Otto Blücker Featuring Amanda Alexander - Rise Again

On location in Nacka, Stockholm we captured several good moments and were able to create the feel we were after for this cover art. Combining elements from the shoot we created an open single wall with depth and hight. Making the subject fully centered and pushed down. -Theres only one way; and it's up.

We fully reconstructed the walls and floor to design the composition to fit the feeling and realization needed for this cover art. Also making it work as a 50x70 poster.

Full social Media pack was created for the release with Facebook banners, Instagram styled photos and video preview for Youtube.  50x70 posters was printed along with a hashtag campaign.

Below you can see the original photo next to the final result and a bonus video showing the elements coming to place.


Before and after composition of the photo retusch montage for "Rise Again" cover art.

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