Walk the run way! Style, grace & attitude. Savage gets its cover art

Otto Blücker – Savage

The concept emerged during a coffee at our favorite local place in Stockholm Soho. Talking about abandoned areas with its own personal story to tell. A tunnel. A big entrance. Nature and colors.

The song "Savage" own storytelling was focused towards someone in the vogue world and being Savage. With Ottos personal history tied to the dance and vogue community; this direction in the story was as natural as it could be.

Taking it out to the feild - Run way style

We love colors and telling a full story, and making the cover in a way be tied to the track. But also enabling it to have its own full life by its own.

We tried a few combinations with smoke bombs and flares and the end result is that we have learnt that mother nature can sometimes work against you, but if you are willing to accept that. Then and there, you will succeed with what you want.

Otto Blucker - Savage, Cover Art
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